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Tinder Has Bypassed Google Payment Method By Making Necessary Changes To Payment System

Tinder Has Bypassed Google Payment Method By Making Necessary Changes To Payment System

When it comes to paying fees, no tech company would want to do that, and a similar thing has done by the Tinder. Tinder revealed that now they’re going to make some changes into the payment system. Users will now need to pay the money after they installed the app on their smartphone. Tinder has removed Google Pay to save the amount of money it had to give to Google for attracting users from play store. Generally, app developers have to pay more than 30% of their total revenue to play store or app store.

Now to avoid spending that money, Tinder has decided to bypass the Google payment platform by forcing users to enter payment details through the app. At first, if a user had to pay the money for using Tinder, then they had to use google pay service. However, now Tinder has removed it and made users to pay the subscription fees right after installing an app. Tinder has become the first app to change in-app payment method, and that’s going to cost lots of money to Google. Usually, big companies have to pay lots of money to Google for using play store platform.

A similar thing has done by gaming company Epic Games which launched Fortnite. When Fortnite was launched, Epic Games made sure that people were downloading games directly from the website or other sources but not playstore. However, after such launch, Fortnite also faced security issues where users data was breached, and it raised questions on this method of promoting apps. App developers have already complained about the low amount of payments they get from big companies like Apple and Google. However, this time, Tinder has come up with new ways of avoiding this fee, and it will be interesting to see how they are going to manage security issues.

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