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Trump Attacked GM Over Trade War And Employment Issue


President Trump is famous for his blunt statements, and he has been doing that since he became the president of the united states of America. Recently Trump tweeted some things about car making company General Motors, which might have increased the problems for the company. Trump tweeted General Motors, which is one of the biggest automaking companies in the USA, is now operating at a minimal level. Trump said that before he joined the office, GM moved most of its operations to China. Now that’s affecting not only to auto sector but overall the US economy too.

Trump started the trade war with China a few months ago, so far, it hasn’t brought any good results for the country. Now Trump is asking whether GM should move its operations from China to the USA. Employment issue has been raised by Trump through this tweet indirectly; however, experts are not supporting this backlash of Trump on GM. GM did shut down its primary plants in Ohio and another state which resulted in many people being unemployed, but that’s not an actual thing.

General Motors is said to give employment to more than 100000 people in the USA. GM did not move many of its operations to China because those factories were already built by them a long time ago. However, Trump previously threatened to make things worse by putting extra taxes on those companies which are not creating in-country production factories. China recently said that they are going to levy 25% of fees on the US-made cars because of Trump’s decision to increase tariffs on Chinese goods and services. Now this trade war is already making things worse for car manufacturing companies like GM, and if things go on like this, then it will get even worse.

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