Trump Criticized Tech giant Companies And Said That They Are Supporting Left Wing Democratic Party

    Trump Criticized Tech giant Companies And Said That They Are Supporting Left Wing Democratic Party

    When it comes to tech companies like Facebook, Google and twitter there have always been various controversies relating to them. Now recently while addressing a press conference president, Trump criticized tech giant companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter for supporting radical left democratic party. Donald Trump who represents Republican Party is known for his controversial conservative views. According to him these tech companies are harming conservatives by banning their account or putting restrictions on them intentionally. Trump said that all of these tech sites are corrupt media which are supporting left idealist democratic party but fear not he is going to win again.

    He seemed to be confident about upcoming 2020 election and slammed tech companies for putting restrictions on conservatives. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are those companies which have a market capitalization of more than $1.32 trillion. Now after this statement it’s clear that Trump is ready to battle against any big or small corporation who doesn’t support his ideology. Twitter recently got sued by California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes for shadow banning conservatives on twitter. In this lawsuit, Devin Nunes is seeking more than $210 million worth of damages on behalf of all conservatives whose account got deleted or banned by Twitter.

    Jack Dorsey who is the founder and CEO of Twitter has been getting lots of criticism for his controversial statements. There are many big corporations in silicon valley which don’t support Trump and his ideology also now Trump think it could harm him in the next election. If we look back, then President Trump has always been a severe critic of media houses which according to him are a fake organization which is owned by the democratic party. Now it will be interesting to see how these tech giant companies are going to respond to this statement of President Trump.