Home Tech News Trump’s Decision Of Putting Ban On Huawei Might Backfire

Trump’s Decision Of Putting Ban On Huawei Might Backfire

Trump's Decision Of Putting Ban On Huawei Might Backfire

The trade war issue between the two largest nations is getting quite dangerous because recently, Trump administration has decided to ban Huawei. Many people living in America uses tech giant company Huawei’s products. Many wireless network providers also use Chinese company’s equipment to provide their services. Now since the trump administration has banned it, they are finding themselves in a dire situation. Both the countries are trying to resolve the issue of a trade war, but none of them agree to each other’s terms and conditions.

Trump is trying to put pressure on China by banning one of the largest public enterprises of that country. However, it seems like this move might backfire the united states of America because China, on the other hand, is ready to do the same to US-based tech companies like Apple, Tesla. Google has also entered into this trade war by not allowing Huawei to use the Android operating system. There are many customers in the USA which might be facing a problem because of this move.

Even if Google is ready to give Android to Huawei, the Chinese tech company has already started developing its OS. Now those businessmen who were dependent on Huawei might be facing some serious problems because they might not be able to earn a sufficient amount of revenue. The chip producing companies like Qualcomm, Broadcom are already finding themselves in the wrong position because Huawei is one of the top buyers of electronic chips. The trump administration might want to win this trade war by banning Huawei, but such type of decisions are hurting the country’s economy. Trump has also convinced allied nations of the USA for putting some restrictions on Huawei and as result of that Britain has stopped new products of a Chinese company.