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Twitter eliminates 1.43 lakh apps between April and June to blow down spam activities

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Spam activities on social networking sites are not a big issue today. But controlling them is of prime importance. Twitter said in a blog post that it has removed around 1.43 apps between April and June as they have interfered and desecrated their privacy policies.

Additionally, Twitter will adopt several steps including malicious and spam automation to surveillance and attacks of privacy and its user interface. Twitter said in an interview, “In the time period from April to June, we have removed around 1.43 lakh applications when we incurred that those are violating our privacy policies. We will further invest more in improved processes and tools that will help to break down unwanted malicious activities and apps earlier and more competently.”

Twitter said, “It cannot tolerate the use of its tools and processes to produce spam, overrun the privacy of people or manipulate conversations.” To prohibit the violations of its privacy policies, Twitter is introducing a new option as ‘Report a bad app’ located in Twitter’s help center. In case the user comes across any violations of the privacy policy, they can report the suspected violations in this help center.

This is the first and latest step taken up by the micro-blogging site to prohibit abuse on the social networking site, particularly for Twitter. The micro-blogging website allowed third-party developers to access Twitter’s application programming interface (APIs) to build their individual applications on this platform.

Hence, it’s introducing a new-fangled way for the developers to request for the API’s along with all the changes the company will make in its existing, newly created or future accounts. Twitter further added, “The changes made will allow us to have control over the developers whenever they use this platform or public data. Additionally, this is an attempt to address spam activities and avert Twitter platform from getting rotted and suspicious.”

Henceforth, in order to access Twitter APIs, developers will have to provide all the necessary and detailed information about how they are actually going to use the APIs to serve better acquiescence with policies and services.