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Twitter Tests a Feature that Tells Whom You Should Unfollow in Future


The well-known microblogging site Twitter always try to come up with something that can change user’s experience to something better.  The more you follow people, pages, and organizations on Twitter you get familiar with the occurrences.  But simultaneously you need to scroll down many things that you are not interested in.  Moreover, people start following wrong and mere nonsense things.

To tackle this problem, Twitter has already started testing a new feature in some group of people.  However, this is just a rumor and company has not made any official announcement for the same.  It is still unclear if the company will test and roll it out for another group of users.

This feature makes you aware of whom you should not follow in future.  The microblogging site usually suggests pages you should follow.  Now, it will suggest you which pages or accounts to unfollow.  Twitter said, “There is no need to follow everyone to get more information about what is happening in and around you.”

It plans to improvise the overall experience of user.  All people have different concerns about using Twitter accounts.  Matt Navarra says, “You can review some of the accounts instead of following them to see what’s happening.” While Tim Fernholz says, “You do not need to follow some of the accounts to know everything.  But make sure you follow only those that extemporize you better.”

Before rolling out this feature, the company will suspend the bot accounts and delete all the pages that deliver abusive or false information.  While Twitter is busy making its website fake news free, it’s facing hard-hitting time to increase its profit and revenue.

Recently, Twitter deferred 284 fake accounts from Russia and Iraq.  Further, broke down 486 accounts that misinformed people from countries of America, Britain, the Middle East, and the US.  Whether you are opening a new account or you are an old user, you should read all the instructions and guidelines as Twitter is going to make some changes in them.  They should once visit all the accounts they have followed and unfollow those in which they are no longer betrothed.

Twitter knows everything you do.  It is aware of your tweets, the links, and profiles you have visited.  Hence, it knows much about your necessities and what you are actually looking for.  Accordingly, it will suggest you which accounts you should follow and which to not to follow.

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