Twitter tests new features: Now displays threaded conversation and online status indicator


    Twitter tests new features: Twitter, the most widely used social networking and micro-blogging giant will soon roll out a couple of interesting and striking features this winter.  Recently, it bowled a feature that suggests users, which pages they should follow and which to be unfollowed.

    It will introduce threaded replies that let users read conversations without any interruption.  It is more feasible than the currently available ‘embed and click-through method‘.  On the other hand, they will also get notified if anyone from their follower list is online.  It will come as a green dot spangled just beside the profile picture of the user.

    Twitter Tests New Features:

    Sara Haider, director of project management of Twitter also tweeted some screenshots of the changes the company will make in their service.  These screenshots revealed the introduction of status indicators and threaded conversations.  Both the features were introduced to improve conversation between all the users.

    Twitter has not taken this decision right away.  In fact, it asked users about their views and concerns.  Users, in turn, gave their suggestions and most of them commented about the online status.  However, these features will not cease off social harassment and abusive activities carried out on the Twitter.

    One of the twitter user Staci D. Kramer said that followers would be able to see us online all the time.  On the contrary, Twitter should give an opt-in choice so that it remains up to the users whether to keep to yourself online or offline.  It has also initiated a program that obliterates all the fake accounts activated by bots and sleuth users.

    Furthermore, Twitter might familiarize some other features including request tab and a quality filter for direct messages.  The quality filter feature will allow users to sort out the messages they are interested in and neglect the one which is irrelevant.

    Twitter has not yet confirmed the date of arrival of these features but it plans to launch it this year itself.  Let’s wait till we get an official announcement on the same.