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Twitter’s Co-Founder Ev Williams Has Decided Left The Company


Sometimes in business, a person who has a top authority might have to take hard decisions, and it seems Twitter’s co-founder Evan Williams might going through that situation. Recently Evan Williams who is the former CEO and co-founder of Twitter declared that he is going to leave the company. Twitter is that social media company which has got the right amount of success as compared to other social media companies. However, it seems like Ev Williams has other plans still while releasing his official statement about retirement from the company he did not reveal his plans. Accordingly, through his official Twitter account, he said that “wants to focus on other things also.” Williams as of now owns one of the leading blogging platform called Medium which recently got lots of popularity when Jeff Bezos made allegations on National Enquirer through this website.

According to business experts, Williams played a significant role in Twitter’s success because he had been CEO of the company from the period of 2008-201. He successfully led the company in right direction. However, due to various reasons Williams left the company in 2011 but retained his position until now. Williams has already been sold more than 300% of his holding on Twitter and gained a good amount of profits. There are some rumors which show that current CEO and co-founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey did not have good business relations with Williams and that’s the primary reason behind Williams’s decision of leaving the company. However, neither of them have given any comment regarding this issue, but according to experts, Williams shouldn’t have left Twitter.

Now no one knows the exact reasons why Williams is going, but it seems like Twitter might need more executives like Williams who have got immense knowledge about their fields.