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Uber’s new 911 panic button is now live in the US

Uber’s new 911 panic button is now live in the US

In April, Uber announced that they would be integrating new option in Uber app that is the uber panic button. On Tuesday, Uber announced calling 911 directly from the app if something goes wrong during the trip. This safety button is amid for riders not for drivers and that can be accessed from the app home screen directly. According to the studies, the rate of crime is increased when the criminal think they are being watched, so uber launch this safety product for all riders, in case if they find any trouble they can dial 911 panic numbers and get help quickly from the Uber representatives.

The panic button is located in a new safety center menu that users can easily access from the home screen of the app. Before call put through the emergency dispatchers they will ask to conform to dial 911. Only confirmation is to avoid accidentals dials.

Apart from the panic button 911, uber is coming with another 911 integration pilot.  It automatically accesses the rider’s location and trip details to the emergency dispatchers.  Because many dispatchers are unable to understand rider’s location on call so Uber has decided to launch 911 pilot option that automatically sends the rider’s accurate location so that representatives takes an action easily and quickly.

There have been many cases in past that ruined the trip of various riders who choose uber to travel and most of the reports that company received is of women sexual assault, So new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has added this safety feature in uber so that riders can travel hassle-free.

What new CEO said about this safety feature?

The Khosroshahi said this panic button improves the screening and decrease the crime rate as compared to previous records and it’s a beginning. He added. We are always taking steps for our customers so that customers trust always maintains and “it is a good thing for everybody”.