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Upcoming Android P Might Bring Speedy Action Toolbar for Notifications

Android P

Android P, the upcoming 9th major versions of Android OS which was first announced on March 7, 2018, by the most popular search engine – Google; might end up bringing a notification toolbar for fast actions. As per latest update to Reply’s Play Store listing, recently a screenshot was added showing an incoming message notification with some smart replies suggestions. So it is suggested that this feature will be brought to the market through Android P when it will be launched officially this year. Apparently, the team behind the Reply app might be adding some more features in the form of a toolbar below the smart reply suggestions.

These features list off a number of diverse functions that a user can start based on a single tap. All these choices seem to be reminder-based only and will comprise adding a newfangled reminder, snoozing notification for a specific of time, sending the message to another recipient, and empower users to set reminders for when they arrive at their work and home. So these two actions hint that if a user taps either one of these choices then the notification will disappear but on arriving at the location it will reappear. Thus, if a user taps the option ‘Remind me at home’ action then Reply will get to know when the user arrives the home based on the location and it would come up with the notification. The same thing will function for work.

It’s noteworthy to see that the quick actions bar beneath the smart suggestion isn’t made available in Reply, therefore the feature could be in the testing process only and may never actually come to the app. It’s likely that the feature isn’t really a part of Reply but instead becomes a part of Android P and there is a possibility that it may apply to all incoming notifications across the platform. In either case, Android users will soon know the fact, as it may end up just being discussed during Google I/O 2018 in case it is a system-level of the 9th version of Android but if its portion of Reply then it may ultimately come up to the users to take benefit it.