US Hospitals Now Will Have To Post The Prices Of Their Services Online


    The US is famous for its high healthcare cost because when it comes to the treatment of any patients, the US hospitals charges a massive amount of money for their services. One thing which every patient want is to get the best treatment at a lower price, but if you’re living in the USA, then you will have to tighten your budget because in here you will get charged for lots of unnecessary medical services. However, to stop such kind medical practices, new rule called Inpatient Payment System Rule has been created by the US health and services department under which every hospital will now have to post the prices of their services online. Under this rule, a hospital will now have to share the standard costs of its services plus medical records to a patient.

    Though hospitals are already under some regulations under which a patient can ask for the standard prices and medical records by submitting a required form, but under this new rule it will be much more comfortable for the patients to check the usual costs of medical services online which will increase the transparency. Many experts believe that now it will be easier to differentiate between medical institutions which provides the best quality of services. There have been many cases in the last few years in which hospitals charged a hefty amount of money for minimal services because a recently a woman was charged $40 for holding her newborn baby.

    However, now under this new rule, a patient will be able to select a hospital for their treatment according to their budget. This new regulation will apply from 1st January to every hospital in the USA.