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Waze Navigation App Gets Google Assistant Integration

Waze Navigation App Gets Google Assistant Integration

Back in the days, Google acquired Waze navigation app and is slowly integrating the core Google features in it. As of now, it has tons of features developed by Google, and the Google Assistant is the new integration. From now on, the Waze app users can use the Google Assistant to know the route map and also use the app with voice commands. With this feature, the users will be able to access all of the Waze app features like Music and Podcasts, route, and others.

The Google Assistant is integrated into Waze, so the users can ask Assistant to perform any activity related to the apps function. From setting the route, listening to music, and getting reports of the traffic congestion in the selected area all can be done with Google Assistant. You can ask Google Assistant for specific requests like if you want to check the route which has no toll or the traffic congestion. Google is working intending to integrate the assistant in every other application that they can support. Recently, they added the same to Auto in-car system with Android operating system, and also introduced the Google Maps for CarPlay system from Apple.

Amongst the cab drivers in most of the countries, Waze is one of the best options to drive through the traffic. With the more easy navigation controls and the traffic updates, the drivers find it easier to operate with the instructions from Waze than any other app. Most of the times, Uber and Lyft drivers do use Waze app for navigation instead of native navigation in Uber and Lyft apps. With the implementation of Google Assistant, the users will find it easier to operate the app with the voice commands.

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