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Wear OS gets Improved day by day – All thanks to New Assistant Smart Features

Wear OS gets Improved day by day – All thanks to New Assistant Smart Features

Recently, the tech giant Google rebranded its platform of Wear OS smartwatch that is getting latest features to expand the usability of a virtual assistant. Holding the top position among all artificial intelligence assistant, Google AI Assistant now bringing more updates to make the interactions more streamlined for the users.

Wear OS Smart Suggestions – Wear OS, formally called ‘Wear OS by Google’ and also known as ‘Android Wear’ is fundamentally android operating system which is specially designed for smartwatches and other wearables; will soon be integrated with Google Assistant. So basically what happens in this is that when a user put some questions to Wear OS device, a list of relevant follow-up questions will automatically come. For instance, when questioned about the weather, AI Google Assistant might offer some tappable links to display the weather for today, next day or the upcoming weekend.

In brief, smart suggestion will appear for the users to get the context-aware responses that make a logical sense for an OS to run on these small screens.

Put Questions and Listen to Answers: One of the most popular search-engine giants, Google is now also adding a power to Wear OS to play out some information. For a sample, device users will be allowed to ask Wear OS some typical questions such as “tell me about my day” and the device will do the same via its built-in speakers – if valid — or Bluetooth-connected earphones.

Third-Party Actions: At last, the Tech Company has made an announcement regarding its all devices supporting Wear OS to get third-party Actions with its virtual assistant. Actions, for the users who don’t know, are proficiencies of a virtual assistant, developers, publishers, or other third parties. The prompts will its users to find an image within Google Photos, ask for information about train, cooperate with smart home gadgets, and much more. Being the one of the most valuable companies of the World, Google unveiled over one million Actions that can be availed for Wear OS.

All the mentioned features will kick off the world over the next many days thus keep a close watch.

Dominating Search engine, Google could provide a lot of information on Wear OS at the upcoming I/O developer conference but it’s difficult to say how much time Google is allotting for the stage during the whole keynote. However, these updates should keep the Wear OS users pretty happy.