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Wegmans Opens Its First New York City Outpost

wegmans opens its first new york city outpost

Wegmans, a privately held American supermarket chain, has officially opened its first store in Brooklyn, New York. The 74,000-square-foot store at the Brooklyn is the 101st store for Wegmans. The company said that the store has more than 500 employees and includes almost 50,000 items. Wegmans was first founded in Rochester, New York over a century ago and is still owned by the family. Thousands of Wegmans fans were seen lined up in front of the newly opened store at 21 Flushing Ave. People were seen standing in long queues outside the popular regional chain as early as 4 am in the pouring rain. “I have been waiting for this store in Brooklyn my whole adult life,” said a 40-year-old lady who arrived at the new store even before the crack of dawn. “I was so excited that I had tears in my eyes,” she added.

According to an employee of the shop, which opened at 7 am, at least 3,000 customers had made the pilgrimage to the store by noon. Aside from groceries, the newly opened store offers a range of food options like pizza, sushi, and buffest bars. This Wegmans store even has a bar serving alcohol in the café. It has a specialty counter with 350 varieties of cheese and take-home meals. But some customers were seen complaining about the lack of facilities in the store. A woman who came with her two young daughters said she couldn’t go through the entire store because there were no carts for kids.

Meanwhile, when asked if Staten Island to get a Wegmans anytime soon, the company’s spokesperson Valeria Fox said that they are always looking for new opportunities. “However, we avoid making any statement on specific site unless we have a purchase agreement or negotiated a lease,” she added. Wegmans has 47 stores in New York, 12 in Virginia, 18 in Pennsylvania, six in Massachusetts and eight in Maryland. Wegmans employees around 49,000 workers and it is one of the largest private companies in the United States.