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WhatsApp adds a new feature that labels forwarded messages to check spam activities

WhatsApp adds a new feature that labels forwarded messages to check spam activities

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps that you could see almost on every smartphone. But, on the other hand, increased spamming activities on WhatsApp have raised the concern of security. The social networking giant always tries to make conversation easier and secure for the users. Thus, to decrease the number of spam messages on WhatsApp, the company will add a new feature in its next application update that tracks the forwarded messages and put a tag to every message forwarded.

This will allow the service provider to easily decide whether the messages are original or the forwarded one. The tagged forward label will display information about both – the sender of the message and the receiver. Wabetainfo.com, the WhatsApp watchdog talks more about this feature in its blog post.

The new feature of WhatsApp will be displayed as a small bubble and in case the application comes across any spam message which is been circulated many times, it will be highlighted under the bubble. Currently, you can send one message maximum 25 times.

Users can get familiar with this trending feature just by selecting and forwarding any message from one’s chat window. This isn’t an optional feature. Hence, users would get no chance to disable this from their WhatsApp application. Traditional spams include forwarding the same message to a number of users. These spam messages could be fake news, annoying messages or malicious links.

Currently, the newly added feature is available only for the 2.18.179 beta version users, particularly for Android platform. iOS and Web version users need to hold onto their breathe until it is made available to them.

Android users can download the latest 2.18.67 version directly from Google Play Store. Recently launched New Media visibility feature of WhatsApp allows users to decide if they want their photos and videos to be seen in the gallery of the phone or not.

What comes additionally with media visibility feature is to allow users to send messages, photos, and videos to the ones whose number is not saved in your mobile. Saving every unknown number just for having single chat doesn’t become mandatory.

Another drifting feature the messaging app plans to reveal is adding stickers to other chats. Payment feature recently announced by the company will make user’s life easier by making all the payments instantly and conveniently.