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WhatsApp messages and chats will be auto-deleted, here’s how to save them


The upcoming WhatsApp update will delete your chats, videos, and photos automatically.  This is actually not what user’s expected from the messaging giant, but they actually do not need to worry about their chats, photos, and videos backup.

Starting from November 2018, WhatsApp will start deleting some of your data, and chats.  Till now, it used to store all your data on the Google Drive cloud.  However, after the next update release, Google Drive will store your data in their cloud, but will quit backing up user’s data.  This is going to be the most drastic change in the history of WhatsApp as well as in the life of its users.

The company will be automatically deleting some of the messages, chats, images and videos of the users.  The data residing on the cloud storage for more than a year will be deleted.  This will not only save huge of a memory space on your smartphone, but also on the Google Drive, the most common cloud storage used today.

WhatsApp said, “Additionally, the backups that users have not updated for more than a year will be deleted from the Google Drive Storage.”  That could be the worst moment in your life if you are hunting for a particular image that you really want to get, but when you open your application and discover it is untrustworthily smeared out from your device.

To avoid this sort of situation, they need to back up all their files before November 12, 2018.  They can back up your data directly on the Google Drive by connecting their phone to a Wi-Fi router rather than turning on the data connection as it may consume additional mobile data.

Following are some of the steps users should follow in order to back up their WhatsApp data manually:
1. Sign in into the Google account and install Google drive on your smartphone.
2. Users are recommended to turn off their mobile data and switch for a Wi-Fi device as saving all the valuable files might consume more mobile data.
3. After opening the WhatsApp, click on the menu option and then on the Settings after which you can see chats options and then chat back up.
4. Click on the backup option so that all the files will be automatically backed up on your phone.

Google said, “We have made a new agreement with Google and according to it WhatsApp backups will not be counted as Google Drive storage quota. Moreover, all the backups that are not been updated for more than a year will be deleted automatically from the cloud storage.”