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WhatsApp To Save You From Embarrassment With Its New Features


Through the years, WhatsApp has turned into an essential chat tool for many cell phone clients all over the world. The organization, possessed by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook, continues taking off new features for its clients. Group talk and video calls are especially a standout amongst the most renowned features of the organization.

There have been embarrassing moments when people unknowingly land up seeing private images from your friends in your phone’s gallery that were intended for group chats only. Other cases include when you no longer are allowed to save images in your own gallery because it’s overfilled with those useless ‘good morning’ images.

WhatsApp comes to the rescue with its upcoming Android beta version 2.18.159. This version allows you to modify ‘Media Visibility’ settings thereby, controlling whether WhatsApp downloaded media is to be shown in the gallery outside WhatsApp or not. The media visibility option can be explored by going to settings in your app and then further.

Another source of embarrassment often encountered is the big mistake of sending the messages meant for your friends to your parents or sometimes informal messages to your bosses or on official groups. Though this complaint was addressed when WhatsApp came up with the ‘delete your sent messages in 7 minutes’ however, the time frame was still found to be less and the problem persisted, a little less intense now.

WhatsApp intends to solve this problem entirely with its coming update. ‘Delete for everyone’ feature launched in Nov’17 that restrained a 7 minutes time period is speculated to be increased by the company to 4096 seconds which is 68 minutes and 6 seconds exactly. This update when comes around will be a great relief for users worldwide. The company has already begun testing this new add-on with its beta users on android and will soon make it to iOS as well.

In another striking blow, WhatsApp is also working on a new sort of ‘forwarded message’ that will contain along with it the information about the source of the message. This process is still vague though and the updates are yet to be confirmed on this.