Home Tech News WhatsApp will add “Mark as Read” feature in an upcoming update

WhatsApp will add “Mark as Read” feature in an upcoming update

WhatsApp will add Mark as Read feature in an upcoming update

WhatsApp tries hard and fast to make its interface comfortable for users. It keeps on hitting back to back user-oriented features and now the upcoming one is the most awaited feature and it’s going to be really amazing. Along with rolling out of big features in the market, the messaging app is doing more to improve small but imperative features. According to the updates received, WhatsApp is still under developing and testing stage of “Mark As Read” feature and soon going to leak out in its upcoming software update.

The feature is in Beta Testing Phase. Initially, the feature will be available for a particular group of users only and not for a common man. Hence, there are chances of feature to be improved if the company hear any sort of dislikes about the feature.

The new feature will allow users to mark unimportant or not interested messages as read in the notification drawer itself without even opening the WhatsApp application. This can be the biggest boon for WhatsApp users as they don’t need to open the app every time they receive a new message and save a considerable amount of time.

Currently, the notification bar shows only “Reply” button. But, once the user enables this feature, they’ll notice “Mark as Read” button immediately next to the “Reply” button in the notification drawer. The company hasn’t announced the exact date of release but it may arrive in its next software update.

Simultaneously, the sender will notice the message it has to send has already seen by the receiver even if they haven’t opened and seen the message. In turn, it will allow users to mute the chat from notification screen itself.

As of now, the company has prevented the application to move into the beta phase as it might have some changes to be made within the app.  Alongside, the application is working on another trending feature known as “Suspicious link” detection feature that will notify users about any malicious link arriving at their chat box.

Company’s this feature will demolish the act of spreading and circulating fake news that has been afflicting the social networking platform for a long time.