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WhatsApp will soon bring picture-in-picture mode for Android to watch YouTube and Instagram videos

The messaging giant, WhatsApp will soon leak out two trending features

You surely must have registered to more than one messaging app today. Well, if you have to stay in contact with your loved and dear ones, that’s the need of an hour. To grasp safe and important information, staying tuned on messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger or others is necessary.

WhatsApp, the messaging giant has made 2018 a memorable year for its users by releasing a number of interesting features. Recently, it has announced the launching of picture-in-picture mode for all the Android users that enable them to watch videos of Instagram and YouTube within the WhatsApp itself. It has already been rolled out for iOS users.

WhatsApp might roll out this feature next year as its still under the development stage and might take some time for improvements. The company has already submitted the latest update of “Google Play Beta Program” so that the feature added version will reach to 2.18.234.

The messaging giant decided to bring out the feature as soon as possible as its already available for iPhones. Once you update your software to the latest version of WhatsApp, you will get you to see a white play icon on any Instagram or YouTube video link shared with you by your friends. You just need to tap on that white icon and get in the small box on your WhatsApp screen. This screen box can be stretched in and out.

Users can watch the videos as well as chat with their friends simultaneously without exiting the app. The screen can be dragged anywhere on the screen. Just one touch and the screen will get enlarged and you are redirected to the Instagram or Facebook video. With the current Instagram update, all the stories will be available without picture-in-picture mode.

After you install this updated application on your smartphone, watching YouTube videos on WhatsApp will be more comfortable. It’s quite a handy feature. You do not need to leave or exit the app or deal with the irritating split-screen apps anymore.

Facebook recently activated monetization WhatsApp, but that’s related to the businesses only. The common man does not need to worry about that nor he need to update their app for getting it installed on their phone.

Users can send messages to businesses during the first 24 hours of time. The company will be charged for each message if they fail to respond to user’s complaint after that time-period passes. Reporting cost of each message will be around 0.5 cents to 9 cents.