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WHO Said There Would Be No Casual Way Of Working After Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus Effect

Even though the world, especially the USA, is trying to get back into the business, things are quite more complicated and hard because of coronavirus pandemics. WHO recently said that there would be no usual business after coronavirus pandemic ends. The leading scientist of WHO said if the country lifts off the lockdown situation, then it would create massive problems for everyone. Currently, the USA, along with other countries, are also planning to lift the lockdown soon, but that’s not going to be so usual. WHO thinks these situations are quite hard and requires much more precautions like quarantine.

As of now, no country has managed to find a vaccine for this deadly virus. Putting the current patients under quarantine is the only option every country right now has, and they will have to do it no matter what happens. However, doing business as usual which the Trump administration currently thinks it is not possible since it will raise the chances of spreading the virus. Coronavirus has killed more than 2,57,817 people and diagnosed 6,112,476 people worldwide as of 30th May which shows the danger this virus possesses. While there are some reports which show the decline of cases in Western Europe, more cases are getting reported every day in Africa, South East Asia, and Eastern Europe that shows the other side of the picture.

The key finding of these cases is that it’s spreading to patients’ friends, family members which is multiplying numbers quickly. The leading scientist from WHO said the return to lockdown seems quite real if countries failed to provide a required health care system. Since many people will get infected with it, and they will have to be hospitalized for it. However, health experts are still saying its best for people to follow the required precautions considering the dangerous side effects of this virus.