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Windows 7 Users Are Finally Shifting To Windows 10

Windows 7 Users Are Finally Shifting To Windows 10

When it comes to using windows operating system, there are still many people who love to use Windows 7 instead of windows 10. Recently Microsoft said that they are going to end the support system for Windows 7 users. Now because of that news, many Windows 7 users are shifting towards 10. A new report shows the user base of Windows 7 fell by more than 3.6 percent in July. Microsoft is using hard tactics to move windows seven users to windows ten by stating that they are going to shut down the support system for them.

Even though the news came many days ago, there are still a large number of people who like to use the old version of the Windows operating system. Reportedly Windows 7 has 35.38% share, and Windows 10 has got 45.7%. Windows 7 is still the most popular operating system among people because of its simple UI and useful features. The number of users for windows 7 was steady, but it has fallen since Microsoft alerted users about ending of support of the operating system. However, one stat shows that windows 10 got the significant number of marketing share in recent months.

In the last few months, only more than 61 million windows 7 users shifted, and approximately 51 million out of them joined the Windows 10 operating system. One can fairly say that the dominance of Windows 10 was not present a few months ago. However, this is not new for Microsoft because the company’s earlier operating systems had always been more popular than the current ones. Windows XP is still more popular than Windows 7, and the same goes with ongoing versions of Windows operating systems. However, Windows 7 users who like to enjoy it sooner will have to shift to Windows 10.

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