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Woozy Face Emoji has confused every user of the internet today


The newly introduced emoji has created havoc in the market.  It has left each internet user today in the confused state. Yes, I am talking about the “Woozy Face” emoji that Emojipdia recently launched.  It’s simply difficult to understand if the face indicates a tired expression or an emotional one.

This new emoji has an uneven face along with the rosy cheeks.  It has one eye wide open while the second one closed. One of the eyebrows is slightly wrinkled and the second one higher.  Its mouth is performing something incomprehensible expression. Hence, it really difficult to understand what message does this emoji give.

These emojis were basically introduced along with Apple new iOS 12.1 operating system update.  The company has rolled out several other emojis alongside including some new animals, characters with wavy hairs, peacock, food items, and bald people.

The creepy-guy-at-the-bar emoji was first screened at the World Emoji Dayk event in July.  Apple made the statement saying, “When people run out of words while having a conversation, emojis are the one that can be used to express your feelings.  It is the most widely used way to communicate with people all over the world.”

The recent update of iOS 12.1 has brought a variety of emojis for the users globally.  They include red gift envelope, moon cake, bagel with cream cheese, and Nazar amulet. Certain other reactive faces include the frozen face, normal begging face and the other one surrounded by hearts.

Some of them think this emoji indicates the drunken face.  The woozy face is just simple. It does not come with any blonde, redhead, or brunette colors.  The woozy face will be rolling out along with the other 158 emojis. This emoji will be placed right beside other emojis including a lotion bottle, a petri dish, a ball of yarn, a supervillain, a teddy bear, a magnet, a bunch of hippos, a flag for United Nations, and a smiling face with three hearts.