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Working For Longer Time Risks To Get Suffered From Hypertension

Working For Longer Time Risks To Get Suffered From Hypertension

According to health research carried out by the American Heart Association, most people suffer from hypertension because of working for a longer time. The research associated and funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. The study found that working more than 45 hours a week tends to increases the chances of getting high blood pressure by 66%. Because of heavy work pressure, the blood pressure level rises. The study included more than 3000 white-collar employees from three public institutes for five years. Researchers noticed changes in the readings within specific time intervals with the help of blood-pressure monitoring devices.

The study found that while working for a longer duration within a week, changes hormonal balance across the human body. It pushes the brain to work under pressure, which results in a rise of the blood pressure along with an increase in the heartbeats. And after it leads to hypertension. It has several effects on the human body, such as a decrease in the flow of blood to the heart, and it hardens arteries resulting in dropped oxygen levels within the blood. It leads for heart disease. Along with the heart, it also causes brain stroke because of the insufficient oxygen supply through the veins.

The lead author of the study, Mr. Xavier Trudel, suggests wearing a heart monitor device for continuous tracking of blood pressure reading. So people can detect the threat of a heart attack earlier. Delaying for treatment could put patients at a higher risk of severe illness or death. Around 82,000 deaths of people in the US adults found within a year. Authors suggest regular exercise, routine check-ups, and a healthy diet reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Taking breaks while working for a longer time helps to reduce the levels of high blood pressure. Plenty of water and enough sleep can keep the heart healthy and reduce severe health risks.