You Can Now Create Your Own Sticker Packs on Your Favorite Messenger, WhatsApp


    Create Your Own Sticker Packs: WhatsApp has much more to announce this year. Recently, it made us familiar with its upcoming feature, unlocking the app using Face ID or Fingerprint ID. According to the recent news, WhatsApp will be launching a newer version of the app where users can create their own stickers packs. The update will be rolled out on almost all the devices including Android, iOS, and Windows phone and even for desktops and laptops.

    The company had already launched a set of stickers last month. But, what if users want some explorable stickers that are not provided by the company. After this rollout, users can generate their own pack of customized and third-party stickers.

    You Can Now Create Your Own Sticker Packs

    WhatsApp has dispatched some instructions on their official website, which users need to follow to create their favorite stickers. However, the user created stickers should be officially approved by the company. It should be legal, authorized and acceptable.

    These stickers should be based on authorized material including TV shows, movies, and others. Users need to pack those created stickers together and bundle them into a particular dedicated app. This app can be published on the Apple App Store for iOS devices while on the Google Play Store for Android.

    The company has created different application programming interface and advanced programming skills to generate various stickers. Here are some of the rules users should follow to generate stickers:

    • Stickers should contain transparent background
    • The pixel size should be of 512 X 512.
    • The size of the stickers should not be more than 100 KB
    • Each sticker should be of 16-pixel margin
    • Group of stickers should contain a sticker pack or sticker tray or sticker icon (Each sticker icon will have a group of similar stickers)
    • The sticker icon should be of 50KB of size

    For more detailed information, tips, and instructions users should visit the official website of WhatsApp or GitHub repository.